De La T. Construction, INC. & Restoration Services

Family owned and operated since 2018

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De La T. Construction, INC. & Restoration Services

Full Service Residential Water, Fire and Mold Damage Restoration and
Repair Specialist Serving ALL San Diego County

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Se Habla Español

About De La T. Construction, INC. & Restoration Services

Family owned and operated since 2018

De La T. Construction, INC. & Restoration Services is located in beautiful Spring Valley, California. Providing service to the entire county of San Diego. Well established in the restoration industry, both Marcelo and Judy worked in a well-known restoration company for over 20 years, Marcelo in the field and Judy in the office. In 1998, Marcelo and Judy got involved in the restoration service and have been diligently aspirating and mastering their techniques. Both realizing that they enjoyed helping people in their disaster needs.

Now as new owners of De La T. Construction, INC. & Restoration Services, Marcelo and Judy saw the need to build a restoration company that provides excellence, integrity and honesty to homeowners in their critical times. They pride themselves in delivering the best restoration service and let the work speak for itself.  In order to keep up with current industry demands and new developments such as worldwide epidemics, they are continuously expanding their certifications to provide the best service.

Why Choose Us?

Although we are a new business, we are not new to the restoration industry. Our 22 years of experience has taught us a deep comprehension and understanding of building structures and building materials, the effects of moisture, insurance claims, etc.  We know when it is necessary to file an insurance claim or if damages are minimal and can be safely dried without major demo or when damage needs the full restoration. You can also have a piece of mind knowing that the people performing the work will be the owners themselves along with reliable people.

So why choose us? We will give a sincere and honest assessment of your damages and if by any reason it is beyond our expertise we will let you know and direct or refer you to another qualified restorer without any hesitation.  We would rather turn away a job if it is something that we are unqualified to perform, but establish and maintain a good customer service relationship with you. Our priority is top performance and customer satisfaction.

Meet the Owners


Originated from San Luis Potosi Mexico, before he was involved in the restoration industry Marcelo was a cook for 10 years. As much as he enjoyed being a cook, his main priority is helping others in need. Marcelo has mastered the stucco trade, specializes in matching colors and blending textures. He worked with a well-known restoration company as a skilled tradesmen in drywall, texturing, and patching. Marcelo also worked in building and restoring custom cabinets. Marcelo enjoys helping everyone and will not matter what it is, how extensive or minimal, he will accept without hesitation.


Born and raised in San Diego, Judy has been working in this industry since 1998. She started as a receptionist in a well-known restoration company. After a few years in this fast paced work environment, Judy quickly realized that she enjoyed helping people and resolving their water damage problems. Judy later advanced to assistant to water, mold and fire damage division and soon after was promoted to manager of the department. Judy’s goal was to learn as much as possible and become certified in all fields as to better assist customers in their insurance claims. Judy became IICRC certified in 2009 and received her mold and technician certification in 2010.